The University of Kentucky's guide to the GSA and OUTsource

The Gay Straight Alliance does a great job trying to get other students involved with the LGBT community around campus. Every year they put on different events that revolve around certain topics they have been talking about at the time. For example, they have Transgender Rememberance Day where they stood outside the Student Center and read things from books and articles about trangender stories. They had a little quiet time in order to remember the transgenders who have died in the past because they were killed or harrassed so much they took their own lives for being “different”. Another popular event they have on campus is “Coming-Out Day” where they have signs up all over and people holding posters just outside the student center trying to get the UK body informed on LGBT issues. Some more events are “Fit For Equality”, “Gay Love”, and “Human Right Campaign.” So do not be surprised if you see a member of the GSA out in front of the student center holding posters or yelling out things because they are very strong believers of the LGBT community and want others to be more educated on the issue.


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