The University of Kentucky's guide to the GSA and OUTsource

GSA Network

Originally the GSA started out as a tiny club in a middle school in San Francisco ran by a few of the students and a teacher to help prevent harassment of LGBT students. In today’s society we now have a network over the internet that is extremely successful in helping the LGBT communities get educated about the GSA and to help prevent bullying in schools around different areas. “GSA Network was founded in 1998 to empower youth activists to start Gay-Straight Alliance clubs to fight homophobia and transphobia in schools.” (gsanetwork). By 2001, GSA Network became statewide fighting bullying in most schools and helping LGBT students become more outgoing and not care what others say about them. Then by 2005, GSA Network has even become nationally because of the major problems it has dealt with and giving LGBT students a chance to believe and feel what they want without caring who judges them. The GSA is around to help gay/lesbian/bisexual/transgender people realize nothing is wrong with them and they can love whoever they want because that is the way they were born and prefer to be.
This network has accomplished an abundant amount of things since it was first founded. Here are just a few of the many achievements they earned; “They helped to pass other keys laws to protect LGBT youth and create safer schools. And Launched the National Association of GSA Networks in 2005 to unite statewide organizations supporting GSAs and accelerate the growth and impact of the GSA movement nationwide.  To date, 29 states have joined the National Association.” (gsanetwork). This is such a huge deal for this network because it went from being a little organization in the San Francisco Bay area to become nation-wide helping LGBT students cope with their issues with their sexualities all over the place. The GSA Network’s website is a great way to learn how to get involved with GSA, donate to the organization, and read News articles on LGBT issues Nation Wide.


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